Why Mozambique Is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon… Just the word tends to make one anxious what with all the planning that goes into it. Never fear, we have decided to make your Honeymoon preparation a little less stressful and a little more exciting with our magnificent Mozambican Honeymoon packages.

How does a luxurious beach resort type honeymoon sound? Well sit, back, relax and let us take you through a whirlwind of luxury with our perfectly designed packages.

First on our list is none other than Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort.

Discover Mozambique’s unspoilt natural beauty with this 5-star destination. Beaches, an unexplored number of natural parks as well as the country’s timeless heritage and rich culture that makes it a precious jewel waiting to be discovered by you!

Situated on the Southern Peninsula, Diamonds Mequfi Resort is built on the stunning sandy dunes of Mequfi Bay, the perfect setting for romantic beach dinners, relaxing sundowners, and beautiful scenery to explore together and to top that all off their Mvua African Rain SPA provides a balanced oasis for you to calm both your body and your sense.

What’s more at Diamond Mequfi Beach Resort they will ensure you have a variety of activities available to you should you wish to take on the adventure such as:

– Snorkeling
– Scuba Diving
– Kitesurfing
– Quad Biking
– Island Hoping and so much more!

Diamonds Mequfi
Second on our list is the exquisite Massinga Beach Club.

For complete escapism and tranquility, Massinga Beach Club is definitely the place for you.

Enjoy leisurely strolls on the unspoilt, white sandy beaches or simply enjoy some cocktails on the elevated decks whilst gazing for Whales in the distance. Either way, Massinga Beach Club strive to ensure that your holiday is spent in complete relaxation and tranquility at all times… unless you choose to be a bit more adventurous!

For those of you who want something a little bit more active and adventurous, not to worry, Massinga Beach Club have you covered as well, such as:

– Snorkelling
– Beach games and walks
– Beach Picnics
– Stargazing by telescope on the Leisure Centre deck and so much more


Massinga Beach Lodge

Lastly we have Santorini Mozambique.

How incredible does a Honeymoon in Greece sound? Well, Santorini Mozambique is the perfect place for you! This white-walled, multi-tiered landmark commands views of Vilanculos Bay and the islands of Bazaruto Archipelago all from its private, elevated location that is sure to provide the most romantic setting!

Santorini Mozambique is fronted by its very own, virtually untouched and unspoilt beach with luxurious accommodation in a small Greek Village in the heart of the African landscape that is Mozambique.

Island hop, explore, snorkel or laze in the warm Indian ocean or visit the SPA and rejuvenate as you enjoy your completely relaxed and tranquil Honeymoon in Santorini. For those of you who seek a bit of adventure, Santorini have a number of wonderful activities available for you to choose from:

– Kayaking
– Paddle Boards
– Snorkeling
– Beach Volleyball
– Scuba Diving
– Sand Boarding and so much more!


Santorini Mozambique

Don’t these packages just sound incredible?

If you’re ready to make your Honeymoon dreams come true be sure to visit our website today for more information on our phenomenal Honeymoon packages available to you!

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