What to consider when booking Mozambique accommodation

Mozambique is an extremely popular travel destination, with beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue skies. People flock there from all over the world, as it is a great place to take that much-needed vacation which will let you kick back and forget about the stresses of life. However, it is important to be able to secure the right kind of Mozambique accommodation as this will make your trip all the more enjoyable. In this post, we discuss characteristics of great Mozambique accommodation and what you should bear in mind when booking your trip.

Access to the best views:

When you choose your accommodation, you need to be able to stay somewhere which allows you to wake up to the exquisite views which Mozambique has to offer. Of course, you may not always be lucky enough to attain a sea-facing room, but it’s always a plus to be able to at least be within walking distance to the beach. At Mozambique Tourism, we offer a wide variety of gorgeous Mozambique accommodation options which give you access to the breathtaking views which Mozambique has to offer.


When it comes to food, make sure that you select accommodation which fits your catering needs. If you are looking for self-catering accommodation (meaning that you prepare your own food), then make sure that there is adequate room for you to prepare food. If you are travelling to Mozambique as a family, then this is especially important as young kids may need food prepared by their parents more frequently. Mozambique Tourism offers a vast array of self-catering Mozambique accommodation options, as well as options which include dinner, bed and breakfast. Some people prefer meals to be included with their accommodation but this is up to the guest and depends on what is offered by the chosen lodge, resort or chalet.

Size and comfort:

It’s always important to feel comfortable in your chosen Mozambique accommodation, especially when you come back from a long day of scuba diving. If you are travelling as a family, you will obviously require more space than a couple who are travelling on their honeymoon. Good Mozambique accommodation will have spacious rooms with facilities to suit your needs. This includes access to Wifi, air conditioning, universal plug points, room safes, and a mini bar. These are amenities which are offered in many of Mozambique Tourism’s luxury Mozambique accommodation options.

Whether you are staying in a chalet, a lodge, a luxury tent, or a resort, it is important to acquire Mozambique accommodation which caters to all of your needs, whatever they may be.  Keeping factors in mind such as space, comfort, accessibility and catering will help you decide what you need out of your Mozambique accommodation so that you can really enjoy this spectacular holiday destination.

Have a look at this great video, which is all about one of our favourite Mozambique destinations: Azura Quilalea Private Island:


At Mozambique Tourism, we go out of our way to ensure that our guests are provided with Mozambique accommodation of the highest standards. Have a look at our website to find out more about what we have to offer.

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