Tips for speaking the lingo in Mozambique

Mozambique is the idealistic holiday destination for a retreat that treats its guests with gorgeous rolling beaches, opulent history and culture worthy of prize. From the abundance of seafood to the lively music, Mozambique will tempt from within its borders.

Greeting accustomed to Mozambique:

In Mozambique, handshaking is a culturally common form of greeting between strangers and even friends. Therefore, do not hesitate to shake hands with friendly natives.

Visiting the Mozambique locals:

When in Mozambique, you may be lucky enough to be invited to visit a local and their family. This should be a great experience, but keep in mind that it is considered rude to not stay for tea and snacks and impolite to refuse food which has been offered.

Day-to-day greetings:

Since you are visiting Mozambique, it would prove beneficial to know how to greet in their language. For your day to day greetings, “hello” is pronounced as “Hola” and Goodbye as “Até logo”.

Help! I’m lost:

With a simplified form of a labyrinth if you are astranged to the area, it is easy to get lost in Mozambique. If this should ever happen, remember that “I am lost” is pronounced as “Eu estou perdido”. Say this to one of the locals and they will be more than happy to help you.

Tipping in Mozambique:

After enjoying a good meal, tipping your waiter is not usually expected, but in tourist areas, locals are becoming accustomed this and a tip of 5-15% is often appreciated. Bargaining for local handicrafts is commonplace. On a side note, when you are at a market it will be handy to know that, “how much does it cost?” is pronounced “Quanto custa?”

Explorations in Mozambique:

After a long day of exploring, buying and tasting the treasures Mozambique has to offer, a well-deserved cold beer, known as a “cerveja” or glass of wine known as “vinho” will be the order of the day, followed by a heartfelt “thank you” said as “obrigado”.

Mozambique is truly a magical experience—whether you are on your honeymoon, with a group of friends on a tour or just by yourself, the Mozambican locals are generally known to be quite friendly and welcoming, so knowing some of their local lingo will really go a long way in enhancing your experience.

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