The pros and cons of backpacking Mozambique

Mozambique travel can be a lot of fun for a host of reasons, but people often opt to backpack through Mozambique as it adds a different element to the whole adventure, and is in fact a very under-rated backpacking destination. If you are planning on backpacking through MozamBackpacking mozambiquebique, here are some pros and cons which you should keep in mind.

Exploring undeveloped land:

Even though Mozambique is known for its beauty and magnificent architecture, there are some delightfully undeveloped and rural hotspots to explore as a backpacker. There are areas inside places like Tofo and Vilanculos which contain grass hut bungalows and African villages. This can be a lot of fun to explore if you are backpacking Mozambique.


Mozambique has some really delicious food which keeps tourists coming back for more! When backpacking Mozambique, you will be able to try all sorts of cuisine which Mozambique has to offer including mouthwatering sea food and more!


While backpacking Mozambique, you are likely to come across some really friendly locals who are known to be very welcoming. Backpacking allows one to really get a feel for the culture of a new destination, so you may find yourself making some new friends!

The adventure of Mozambique:

You can travel Mozambique in a variety of ways, but the true adventure lies in travelling the country independently as a backpacker. Mozambique allows you to have the adventure of a lifetime and it is even more enjoyable for many, if you can get from point A to point be on your own steam.

There are also a few cons when it comes to backpacking Mozambique:
Public Transport:

Using public transport in Mozambique can be very tiring and unappealing to many, but it is all part of the backpacking experience. You can opt to hitchhike or you can catch buses when tend to leave very early in the morning and are often overcrowded.

Tourist pricing:

Taxi drivers and bus drivers may try their luck at getting more money out of you than they should. In order to prevent this, it is a good idea to ask your hotel or lodge how much transport should be and then bargain your way around the correct pricing. The people of Mozambique are generally friendly and honest, so don’t let dishonest people like this put you off.

Language barrier:

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of locals in Mozambique who speak English and you will likely find more Portuguese speaking people communicating with you. This can make life a little hard, but don’t worry as you can always try and find other travellers to help you communicate.

Happy backpacking!

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