Surfing In Mozambique

Mozambique, a picturesque, serene and tranquil location for the most magnificent holidays, whether with your family or friends, Mozambique is a destination that none can forget and what’s better than a holiday destination with all the bells and whistles? Exquisite accommodation, adventurous snorkeling trips, scuba diving, surfing and so much more!

On that note, were you aware of the number of areas on the Mozambican coastline that have yet to be explored? A surfer’s paradise is what we like to call these.

Mozambique is fast becoming a country for surfers to engage and explore which makes it a hot spot for surf-centric getaways and what with the resort style accommodation available, you’re sure to experience the holiday of a lifetime while fueling the adrenalin hunger that comes with chasing big swells.

You might be wondering when the best time to embark on a journey of this nature is? According to some surfing fanatics and a bit of research conducted, the best time of the year to enjoy the beauty of Mozambique’s swell is between the months of June and August, however if you’re pumped for greater swell, then anytime from February through to October is when you should plan your next trip.

With that said, one of the best surfing spots to take advantage of is most definitely the stunning Tofo beach.

Tofo is a magnificent stretch of beach roughly 8km’s in length and located on the Southern Coast of Mozambique. With a number of bars and restaurants; markets and little shops, there is plenty to do when you’re not taking advantage of the great surf. With that in mind, the accommodation in Tofo is mostly situated along the beach which is perfect for some relaxation and down time and close to a number of local amenities and of course the beach!

1. Baia Sonambula
We don’t want you to be ill-prepared for your next surfing adventure to the stunning shores of Mozambique which is why we have the perfect accommodation deals available at Baia Sonambula, giving you the ultimate surfing and relaxing getaway all in one.

Baia Sonambula is situated in the first dune behind the main swimming beach in Tofo.

Combining Western conveniences within an African ambiance, Baia Sonambula is perfect for a unique yet truly African experience with all the bells and whistles.

Apart from enjoying the fantastic surf that is right on your doorstep, we encourage you to enjoy a wide variety of water sports from scuba diving or fishing, or if the water sports are not really your thing you can enjoy horse rides or simple curio shopping that is bound to give you a magnificent cultural experience.

Baia Sonambula

2. Casa Na Praia
Situated in the stunning beach of Tofo, Casa Na Praia is located in arguably the best spot in Tofo that is; right on the beach!

Nestled in the corner of the bay, close enough to walk to local amenities or enjoy a quiet retreat, Casa Na Praia is the perfect escape from the realities of life whilst you take in all the beauty that the coast of Mozambique has to offer.

There are two properties that make up Casa Na Praia, both with comfortable rooms that are full of charm.

With the beach right on your door step, take a break from surfing and enjoy a variety of other activities available to you, bringing enough excitement and entertainment throughout your trip.

Casa Na Praia

3. Blueprints Eco Lodge
Situated in the Barra Tofo area in Mozambique, Blueprints Eco Lodge offers a luxurious, private and tranquil setting that forms part of a perfect base from which to enjoy your next surfing getaway whilst exploring the bountiful marine creatures and rich cultural heritage that Mozambique has to offer.

Being “Off the grid”, all the electricity is generated by solar power and crystal clear water is pumped from the borehole.

With only 5 rooms that host a picturesque, 180 degree view of the ocean, you are sure to have the most incredible time taking in the views, the surf and the beauty that is Mozambique.

If you’re interested in hitting the untouched, unspoilt shores of Mozambique for your next surfing adventure, be sure to enquire online with us regarding our surf destination accommodation deals and packages available!

Blue Prints Eco Lodge Hammock

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