Shopping on your holiday in Mozambique

Whether it is curios, souvenirs, handcrafts or perhaps a bit of serious retail therapy, you are almost guaranteed to indulge in a bit of shopping while enjoying your holiday in Mozambique. So where are the best spots to buy the things you need? What can you expect from the different vendors, and what do you need to know before spending you hard earned cash?

Here is some information and a few hints on how to approach your shopping spree on your next holiday in Mozambique:

Where to buy?

When visiting a foreign country, it is easy to fall into a tourist trap and end up spending a lot of money on often sub-par quality goods. There is also the case of finding a shopping destination which offers a selection of goods that you really want to spend money on.

When going on a holiday in Mozambique, Maputo offers a top choice of shopping centres for the more serious shopper. With a large selection of department stores and large markets, you can find virtually everything from commercial goods, to handicrafts on offer. With large centres like the Maputo Shopping Centre and Polana Shopping Centre you are sure to find what you are looking for. Maputo also offers the central market, which is the largest shopping area in the city. This I a great place to find fresh food items, handicrafts, and even some souvenir t-shirts at a reasonable price.

For those who prefer a more unique shopping experience, smaller towns offer a variety of street vendors hawking their wares, resulting in exciting, lively banter and reasonable rates.

For the full shopping experience while enjoying a holiday in Mozambique, one has to visit the official markets, or mercado. Found in every town, this is where you will find the unique shopping experience that Mozambique has to offer, along with an astounding selection of gods. From fresh fruit and dried fish to second hand clothes, this unique experience might not be for inexperienced travellers, but it does offer a unique slice of Mozambican life.

Handicrafts for sale.

If you are looking for unique handcrafts to remind you of your holiday in Mozambique, you will be delighted to know that these are readily available from street vendors as well as larger city stores. A massive variety of handicrafts and art await you, reflecting the country’s rich and diverse cultures and traditions. Popular souvenirs include pottery, carved wooden items, baskets and reed mats, ornaments made from a variety of materials, and of course a selection of beautiful and colourful wooden masks.

Opening hours.

Shops and markets are generally open every day except for Sunday, with business hours being divided into two sessions with a two hour recess in between. The first session is from 8 am to 12:30 pm and the second from 2 pm to 7:30 pm.

Shopping on your holiday in Mozambique can be a unique experience, with plenty of excitement and unique items to be found. Where and how you would like to indulge is up to you, although it is my recommendation to always do your homework, and ask guides or other trusted locals for the best locations in order to find the best deals. Be safe, and enjoy your shopping spree while on holiday in Mozambique.

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