Mozambique travel tips

Mozambique travel tips

If you are planning on doing some Mozambique travel, then you are really in for a treat! With Mozambique’s glistening beaches and breath-taking views, you will have the holiday of a lifetime. Before you embark on your adventure, read on for some Mozambique travel tips which should come in really handy.

Pack light:

Particularly if you are planning on doing a lot of travelling by foot, make sure that you pack lightly so that you won’t have to haul hefty luggage. Mozambique’s public transport systems will charge you an extra fee for heavy bags, so it is much easier to just toss out what you don’t need and be on your way! This will make you Mozambique travel adventure that much easier.

Wear seat belts and stick to the speed limit:

If you are planning on driving around, there are laws that need to be adhered to. It is quite common to be stopped at police checkpoints so make sure that you are wearing your seatbelt at all times and that you stick to the speed limit. Also, make sure that you do not bring a gun into Mozambique as you can get into a lot of trouble for this. You want your Mozambique travel time to be spent exploring and beaching- and not in jail!

Documents which you will need:

In order to embark on your Mozambique travel, you need to possess a passport which is valid for six months after you depart the country. You should certify all documents including passports, just in case. You will need a letter from your bank (if you still paying off your vehicle) and this letter needs to authorise you to take your car through the border. The letter needs to have your ID or passport number, full name of the owner of the car, where it also needs to state the dates. Give your bank at least 3 working days to send this letter to you. Call your insurance company and ask them to send you a letter that states that your car is covered in Mozambique. This letter once again must have your details and dates. You also need your vehicle license certificate as the officials will want this document at the border. 3rd Party Insurance will also be necessary, which you can purchase at the AA or at the Border.

Take malaria precautions:

Unfortunately, malaria is quite a big threat in Mozambique so be sure to take the necessary precautions before you leave.

Pack a good guide book:

It is advisable to pack a good guide book so that you know exactly where to go during your Mozambique travels. Mozambique is constantly changing so purchase a guide book that is up to date. You can also speak to us at Mozambique Tourism and we will gladly advise you on where to go.

Tip your waiters and travel guides:

If your Mozambique travel involves the use of tour guides, it is courteous to give a 10% tip which will be appreciated, while tipping at restaurants is considered to be standard. Show appreciation for the level of service you receive.

We hope that these Mozambique travel tips have helped!

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