Lake Malawi Holidays

Lake Malawi, also known as Lago Niassa in Mozambique and Lake Nyasa in Tanzania, is a unique and magnificent destination which should be on the list of places to visit for anyone who enjoys a Mozambique holiday. As the second deepest and third largest lake in Africa as well as the ninth largest in the world, Lake Malawi is home to what is probably the largest diversity of lake fish fauna in the world. The portion located in Mozambique, was officially declared a reserve by the government of Mozambique on 10 June 2011, and offers a variety of magnificent holiday destinations.

The Niassa Reserve

The Niassa Reserve in the northern part of Mozambique offers wildlife lovers the chance to observe some lion, buffalo, elephants and wild dogs, and is currently home to four of the Big Five animals. Exotic bird life can also be found here, as well as a host of other interesting creatures, making Lake Malawi and the Niassa Reserve a destination all wildlife lovers should consider.

Safari facilities and accommodation can be found on the banks of the Lugenda River, adjacent to the reserve in a private concession, and the winter months which occur from April to October are recommended as the best time to view the reserve in all its splendour.

Lake Malawi Accommodation

Named the Lake of the Stars by renowned explorer David Livingston, Lake Niassa or Lake Malawi is a staggering 360 to 380 kilometres long and 75 kilometres wide. The unspoiled and remote shores of the Mozambique side of the lake offers pristine beaches surrounded by lush forests. The clear warm waters are home to unique fluorescent fish which thrive here.

The Kaya Mawa Lodge

The Kaya Mawa Lodge is located on Likoma Island which lies nestled in Lake Malawi, offering guests exclusive, luxurious accommodation. Rocky coves, sandy beaches, and an array of Baobab and mango trees give a unique beauty to the island. The clear and safe waters surrounding the island provide excellent opportunities for snorkelling and swimming, while a variety of water sports are available for guests to enjoy.

Nkwichi Lodge

A magnificent paradise nestled on the shores of Lake Malawi, the Nkwichi Lodge offers unparalleled beauty and unforgettable lakeside scenery. With white sandy beaches surrounded by pristine green forests and crystal clear waters, Nkwichi Lodge offers a unique and unforgettable setting for you to enjoy a holiday unlike any other. Private and unique chalets built from local materials offer you a once in a lifetime stay, while the star bed experience will make you wish you never had to leave. Activities include kayaking and canoeing, fishing and sailing, snorkelling, and may more.

With so much unique beauty and the teeming wildlife, it is easy to see why you would want to visit the beautiful and ancient Lake Malawi. For a unique holiday which promises memories that will last a lifetime, make sure that you do not miss this magnificent destination on your next Mozambique holiday.


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