Inhambane in Mozambique

Inhambane in Mozambique

The town of Inhambane in Mozambique lies in the North of Maputu, on Inhambane Bay. As the capital of the province of the same name, it is somewhat sleepy, with much of the administrative functions taking place within the nearby town of Maxixe.

Boasting plenty of its own charms, including some beautiful old architecture, a bustling market and an undeniably festive atmosphere, the town is also a gateway to some of Mozambique’s premier scuba diving destinations. The seaside hotspots of Tofo and Barra are constantly busy, with local taxis ferrying in visitors from town on a daily basis. In town, there are a few shops, banks, petrol stations and various other facilities on offer, as well as a good range of accommodation options.

Things to Do in Inhambane, Mozambique

Some of the top things that you may want to see and do when getting to Inhambane in Mozambique include the following:

Exploring the town by foot to see the beautiful old architecture

  • Historical attractions such as the museum, Cathedral of our Lady of Conception and the old quarter
  • Daytrips to the nearby Bazaruto National Park – Africa’s largest marine reservation
  • Visiting the local market to find food, cashew nuts, curios, crafts and other goods
  • Extra-large gourmet burgers at the popular Pep restaurant
  • Nature walks within the pristine estuary and beach
  • Scuba diving, snorkelling and water sports
  • 4×4 adventures to nearby attractions such as the Tropic of Capricorn and Pomene Bay

As more visitors begin to cotton on to the numerous attractions, highlights and activities offered in this part of the country, there is no doubt that the town has begun to get busier, too. For those seeking a central location that is in easy reach of some of the top diving spots and beaches however, Inhambane in Mozambique is the perfect choice for any holiday, honeymoon, team-building adventure or getaway.


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