Villa Sands

Villa Sands is situated in Ilha De Mocambique ,Ilha de Mocambique is home to colonial architecture, bustling street markets and wonderful cuisine. In addition, there are long stretches of empty, pristine beaches with excellent snorkeling and diving mere minutes away. At three kilometers long and 500 meter wide, Ilha de Mocambique is a long slim ribbon of gold floating in a sea of emerald.

In 1991 Ilha de Mocambique was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the unique richness of its architecture. For hundreds of years Ilha de Mocambique was a major trading post in intercontinental maritime trade. The result is a fascinating blend of African, Portuguese, Arab and Indian cultures. There are small traditional houses, churches and mosques spread out beyond an imposing fort. Old colonial style Portuguese buildings dating back to the sixteenth century grace the wide streets. The island once gave name to the entire country when Vasco da Gama arrived in 1498, and Ilha de Mocambique was made the Portuguese colonial capital in 1507. In 1898 the capital was moved to Laurenco Marques (now called Maputo).

Accommodation at Villa Sands

There are eight chic double rooms available on the ground floor, each beautifully decorated, and all with comfortable king size beds, A/C, ceiling fan and en suite bathrooms. Located one flight up is the exclusive Rooftop Suite with a further three double rooms and terraces.

  • Atrium Rooms : There are eight elegant double rooms available on the ground floor, each room beautifully decorated and fitted with king size beds covered by a large mosquito net, A/C, ceiling fan, en suite bathrooms and a television. Or leave your room for the calm coolness of a drink in the shade of a parasol on the sun terrace located right on the seafront.
  • Rooftop Suite ;Encompassing the entire top floor, the Rooftop Suite comes with three double rooms, each with its own en suite bathroom.  Relax with a good book in privacy, or gather with friends for an impromptu cocktail party, serviced by the kitchen. Consider the suite to be your own private, personal villa. If your numbers are large, it is possible to rent the Rooftop Suite in combination with ground floor guest rooms.


Villa Sands Facilities

  • Seafront terrace with swimming pool, sun beds and bar service
  • Restaurant and bar with indoor and outdoor seating
  • Seating areas for enjoying a drink or a good book
  • Conference facilities for up to 24 guests
  • Laundry
  • Safety box in Reception
  • Parking
  • Excursions such as guided tours of the city, boat trips and diving can be arranged
  • Exploring the Indian Ocean


With its perfect oceanfront location it is only natural that Villa Sands have a boat available for our guests. An idyllic boat trip can be the perfect way to pass the time. If water sports are a natural pastime for you, then you’ll be spoiled for choice. Snorkeling and diving are spectacular, with vast schools of colorful fish flashing past the untouched coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks waiting to be discovered. Plan for a charming picnic on the famous lighthouse island of Ilha de Goa, or a sunset tour bird watching in the mangroves.