Paraiso De Chidenguele

Gaza Province, Chidenguele

Paraiso De Chidenguele

The Indian Ocean meets land at one very special place in Mozambique. Here its azure waters are home to whales, dolphins and turtles while predatory gamefish prowl colourful reefs below. The pristine beaches are endless and washed in waves and sunlight. A thick fringe of tranquil dune forest stands guard high over thickets of ancient, scarlet-fruited cycads, dozing here in the dappled light as they have done for centuries. There is nothing rushed about this place, its tranquil splendour unchanged over a thousand years.

This place is Paraiso De Chidenguele

Only 270 km north of Maputo or 70 km north of Xai-Xai and just 5 km from the main road, you can experience the magic of the Mozambican coastline at this small coastal paradise. It’s unique, and at the price, it’s unbeatable!

Accommodation at Paraiso De Chidenguele

Self-Catering, tatched chalets ; sleeps up to 4, 6 or 8 people. They are isolated from one another and tucked into indigenous forest.

Overnight Units; en-suite, are a perfect nightstop for the weary traveller.

Activities at Paraiso De Chidenguele;

  • Snorkelling
  • Walks and Hikes
  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing


The Bar and Restaurant at Paraiso de Chigenguele are legendary. Well stocked, a stunning ocean view and open till late. Sports lovers have access to DSTV. Enjoy fabulous seafood dinners or light meals (‘a la Portuguese) in the open-air restaurant.