Marimba Secret Gardens


Marimba Secret Gardens – Vilanculos

Marimba Secret Gardens is located 20 km north of Vilanculos town, in a remote bay amid pristine nature and colorful gardens. We offer a peaceful and re-creative atmosphere where the culture and the beauty of Moçambique go along with your needs as an individual traveler. Have a time out, away from everyday stressful business life and hectic cities. It’s the combination of a clean and unspoiled environment with the simple but luxury way and the passion for details that make Marimba Gardens a place for you to relax and spoil yourself with the beauty of pure nature, delicious fresh food and drinks as well as several activities.

Accommodation at Marimba Secret Gardens

All the rooms are built on stilts with a view on the archipelago and the vast bush lands surrounding us.

No self-catering facilities in the units but a restaurant and bar offering a fresh mix of African and European dishes, local seafood and tropical cocktails.

What to do at Marimba Secret Gardens

Marimba Secret Gardens offers day trips to Bazaruto Island and snorkeling at 2-Miles Reef. Being located right opposite the southern point of Bazaruto Island the dhow trip there is much faster from our beach than from Vilanculos.
Guests can also book guided walks through our neighboring communities and bush lands, being introduced into Mozambican everyday life and local flora and fauna.
Besides we have a perfect kite surf beach in a pure and unspoiled environment.