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Ponta De Ouro

Dolphin Tours

Dolphin Tours in Ponta De Ouro ,This is the only page on our web site dedicated to an activity  only , we believe that Dolphins are very special therefore dedicated a page just for them;

Welcome to our world, a world filled with dolphins, whales and an underwater kingdom just waiting to be explored. We invite you to take the plunge, face your fears and experience something truly magical when coming face to face with the Dolphins of Ponta De Ouro , were we experience the true essence of being wild and free!

Operating within the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve, Dolphin offers boat based marine activities that includes volunteer programs, in-water encountours over multiple launches, holistic dolphin retreats and day visiter options. All offer shallow reef free-diving and focuses on observing dolphins in the wild whilst following the DolphinCare code of conduct allowing for dolphin friendly, non-intrusive viewing on the dolphins terms.

Dolphin Tour programs have been created to ensure that a nurturing rather than needy approach is followed. No feeding, forcing or coaxing, just you and our dolfriends face to face in the big blue. An experience that often leaves us wondering ‘who is actually watching who’! The stuff dolphin dreams are made of!

Whales are seen regularly during season (jun to nov) whilst opportunistic sightings are had of other special species that include whale sharks, mantas and turtles (season and conditions dependent).

The Dolphin Tours

Over the years we have facilitated many extraordinary dolphin swim programs with children & adults alike.  A keen sense to experience dolphins in their own environment together with a spirit of adventure is all that is needed to participate in the specially designed educational dolphin swim program.

This is a highly commended program that almost certainly guarantees a bout of conscious interaction between them and us! Encountours are limited to 10 participants and block booking discounts are available. Special needs and pregnancies are catered for. Please email us for the Dolphin Diary for set tour dates to accommodate individual bookings .

Included on the Dolphin Tours

  • Three launches to encounter our dolphin friends
  • Pre-training with species, safety & ecology presentation
  • Dolphin Tribe Tee & Souvenir images via social networks
  • Whale Viewing & Shallow reef snorkeling
  • Snorkeling instruction & swim facilitation if required
  • Gear [mask, snorkel & fins] can be hired for the duration of encountour direct from our dolphin center.

Dolphin Tours need to be pre booked please enquiry for accommodation as well whilst you visit these beautiful friends in Ponta De Ouro.