Girassol Gorongosa Lodge

Discover the magnificent beauty of the Mozambique bush when you enjoy a stay at the spectacular Girassol Gorongosa Lodge. For those who have had their fill of the magnificent sandy beaches, sparkling oceans and magnificent seafood that is normal associated with a Mozambique holiday, the beautiful Gorongosa National Park is ready to receive you with open arms.

Located in the Sofala Province, the Girassol Gorongosa Lodge provides a spectacular and breathtaking alternative for those who would like to break away from the traditional offerings that have made Mozambique holidays such a popular and attractive proposition. Some people love the ocean, just as some love the African bush, and for those who are fans of the latter, this is just the place for you.

Discover nature

In order to fully appreciate what the Girassol Gorongosa Lodge has to offer, one first needs to understand its incredible surroundings. Nestled in the 4000 square km Gorongosa National Park, the lodge is surrounded by a variety of eco-systems, and have been declared as one of the most bio-diverse places on earth. In this beautiful natural paradise, you can enjoy a game drive, hike to a waterfall, or enjoy a trip to the Vinho village to get an authentic taste of the rural African life.

Discovering the Girassol Gorongosa Lodge

Girassol Gorongosa Lodge offers you the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the African bush while not requiring you to sacrificing some of the conveniences of modern life. This includes air conditioning to keep the Mozambique sun at bay, mosquito netting over the beds, and hot water to enjoy a revitalising shower, as well as TVs and WIFI access on request.

The lodge offers a selection of Standard Bungalows, Villas (2 rooms/2 bathrooms), Garden Rooms, Premium Bungalows as well as camping facilities, ensuring you will find something that suits your preferences as well as your pocket.

Spectacular Cuisine

With a restaurant and a bar at your disposal, the Girassol Gorongosa Lodge offers an option of both local Mozambican cuisine as well as international fare for those who feel a little less adventurous. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant also offers a selection of organic vegetables which helps promote the economic development of local communities. The good news is that breakfast is included in the cost of your accommodation (except for camping and caravans).


Considered to be one of the best national parks in the world, the activities to enjoy while you are staying at the spectacular Girassol Gorongosa Lodge are virtually endless, ensuring that you will have the opportunity to get a true glimpse of the natural beauty that the bush has to offer.

Among the most popular activities are:


  • The northwest flood plains
  • The Chiringomas limestone cliffs,
  • Murombozi river falls
  • Urema lake
  • The “Miradouro dos Hipopótamos” (Hippos terrace)
  • Sunset at Bué Maria
  • Casa dos Leões (House of Lions)
  • Tours to the Vinho community

If you love the magnificent splendour of the African bush, then make sure that you include the Girassol Gorongosa Lodge in your holiday plans. A refreshing alternative taste of Mozambique, with natural beauty that will leave you longing to return long after your holiday is over.


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