Facts to know on your Mozambique holiday

Are you planning a Mozambique holiday? Perhaps you have already booked your trip, and are already looking forward to the amazing natural beauty, the scrumptious seafood and the sandy white beaches and sparkling oceans. Although you might have everything ready for your Mozambique holiday, you might not be as familiar as you think with the country you are about to visit. For instance, how much do you know about their history and customs, and so you really know what the best sights to see is while you are there?

While it is up to your travel agent to provide you with that information, here are some little known and fun facts that might give a new element to your holiday in Mozambique.

  1. At about 23 miles wide and 4 mile long, Bazaruto Island is the largest island in the archipelago. The interior contains large freshwater lakes which attract large varieties of water birds and is home to crocodiles. Better remember that if you go there on your next Mozambique holiday.
  2. Your Mozambique holiday could also help you win your next board game night. The name Mozambique, when spelled out in Scrabble tiles, is the highest scoring one word country name at 34 points. Second place is shared by Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with 30 points.
  3. Building on the fact mentioned above, did you know that Mozambique is the only country with a single word name which uses all five vowels to spell its name.
  4. While having a history strongly influenced by the Portuguese which is evident in their cuisine, Mozambique is the only country in the commonwealth to never have been a part of the British Empire.
  5. Another handy fact to know on your next Mozambique holiday, is that the country is home to some of the richest coral reefs in the world. Over 1200 species of fish has been identified in the crystal waters on the coastal areas of Mozambique.
  6. Out of the 147 airports in Mozambique, only 22 have tar runways.
  7. Mozambique is the only country to feature a modern weapon on their flag. Adopted in May 1983, the flag features as image of an AK 47 with a bayonet attached to the barrel crossed with a hoe.
  8. The cassava root, called mandioca in Portuguese, serves as the basis for the diet of residents in the rural areas of Mozambique. Translating to “the all-sufficient”, this versatile food can be dried in the sun, mashed with water into a porridge or baked. It is also ground along with corn into a coarse flour then mixed with cassava leaves and water. This dough is then served in a calabash. Make sure you try this on your next holiday in Mozambique.

Although these are but a few of the fascinating facts that Mozambique has to offer, they will certainly help give you a new perspective on this beautiful county. Keep them in mind, and find out as many as you can on your next Mozambique holiday. After all, knowledge is power and what better way to keep on top of your knowledge than by signing up for our newsletter for all the news, tips, advice and information you could ask for!


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