Everything you need to know about Mozambique weather and climate patterns

When planning a trip to Mozambique, people will usually ask “when is the best time to go?” The answer is actually mozambique weatherquite complex and it depends on factors such as where exactly you want to visit and what you want to do there. The best time to go to Mozambique is very dependent on the weather for most people, which is why many questions are asked about Mozambique weather and climate. Read on for a broad guide to Mozambique weather so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

South African weather patterns:

The Mozambique coastline stretches for almost 2,000km and has a tropical ocean current running from north to south along its length for the whole year. It includes a broad range of latitudes, but despite this, the whole country broadly follows a Southern African weather pattern.

Rainfall patterns:

The heaviest rainfall for Mozambique occurs largely between December and March, with the rains lasting a little bit longer in the north than in the south. Most of Mozambique’s rain arrives on moist southeast trade winds and this gives Mozambique a relatively low annual rainfall and a great deal of protection from the tropical storms and the occasional cyclone which head towards it during this period. There is quite a lot of humidity during rainfall periods.

The rains subside:

The rains of Mozambique finally start to subside by around April and May, and Mozambique weather starts to brighten up at this time. The humidity also drops.

The dry season:

The dry season in Mozambique falls between June and October, and this is generally the most popular time for people to visit Mozambique, as the weather is gorgeous and tropical, with almost no rain, a lot of sun, and beautiful clear skies. If you are looking to spend your days on the beach, basking up the Mozambique sun, then this would be a good time to go in terms of Mozambique weather conditions.

Things cool down:

Things start to cool down between June, July and August. Although the temperature is still very high during the day, the nights become significantly cooler and you will probably find yourself needing a light duvet. During September and October it remains dry and nights continue to cool down a lot.

During the month of November, Mozambique weather conditions become less predictable as this is a time of transition. Sometimes the rains start, with many days remaining sunny and hot. The rains generally start earlier in the north of the country.
Overall, it is up to you, the traveller, when you would like to visit Mozambique. You need to decide which Mozambique weather conditions work for you and your particular needs. Either way, you are sure to have a fantastic time in this magical place!

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