Discover your dream holiday destination at Ponta De Ouro

Located in the extreme south of Mozambique just north of the South African border, Ponta De Ouro offers a tranquil, relaxed and refreshing atmosphere with pristine beaches bordered by crystal clear oceans. With a name that translates to “Point of Gold”, it is easy to see why this Mozambican treasure is such a popular destination among holiday makers. Being only 15 km away from the South African border, and situated 130 km south of Maputo, Ponta De Ouro is the ideal destination for South Africans to find a slice of paradise without straying too far from home.

With a resort to suit every taste, Ponto De Ouro promises a holiday that you will never forget. Among some of the most popular destinations are the following resorts:

Mar E Sol

Nestled in a dune forest just 30 minutes away from the Kosy Bay Border, Mar E Sol puts you right at the heart of the Ponta De Ouro lifestyle while still providing a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. This beautiful 10 sleeper house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms provides all the modern convenience you will need to make your Mozambique holiday one to remember.

With fishing, diving, surfing and swimming among the activities on offer, you can be sure that you will enjoy your fill of excitement during your stay. For nature lovers, a relaxing walk along the beach will offer the magnificent sight of sea turtles laying their eggs (from October to December) and the playful dolphins surfing in the ocean will provide some sights you will never forget.

Kaya Kweru

Another spectacularly peaceful offering in Ponta De Ouro, Kaya Kweru presents holidaymakers with a selection of 18 En-suite bed and breakfast rooms, as well as 6 self-catering homes. Its name which translates to “The home of everyone” or more simply, “Our Home” guarantees that you will find this beautiful resort will make you feel as if you belong. With a short 40 meter walk to the beach, you will be able to enjoy surfing, fishing and snorkelling in the clear waters at a moment’s notice.

Amenities include a braai area, swimming pool, restaurant and lounge area, while the air conditioned rooms will ensure that your stay is as comfortable as you wish it to be. Chances are that you might prefer to simply lounge around on the beach, taking in the beauty of nature and soaking up the rays of the warm African sun. Either way, Kaya Kweru at Ponta Du Ouro is the place for you if you need a holiday you will never forget.

Ponta De Ouro Beach Resort – Motel Do Mar

Located a mere 10 minutes from the Kosy Bay Border, the magnificent Ponta De Ouro Beach resort, offers spectacular white beaches bordered by sparkling azure seas and dense dune forests. The serviced cabanas are located just a few steps away from the beach, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature on a whim.

With several “cantinas” or little shops to satisfy your shopping needs and rustic restaurants to experience in town, you will be able to get a taste of the Mozambican way of life in Ponta De Ouro. Activities also include dolphin tours, snorkelling, scuba diving and quad bikes, making your holiday one that you will never forget.

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