5 reasons why Mozambique holidays are becoming so popular

There’s nothing like a relaxing holiday by the sea. Life can be exhausting so we all deserve a little time out! Mozambique holidays are becoming increasingly popular for families, couples and adventure seekers and if you look at what this magical place has to offer, this is no surprise! In this post, we look at five reasons why Mozambique holidays are becoming so popular.


For most of the year, Mozambique has a great climate with clear blue skies and temperatures which range from about 24 to 27 degrees Celsius. The best time to embark on your Mozambique holiday would be from between May and November as other months of the year often see heavy downpour. With Mozambique’s stunning weather and glistening beaches, there is no better place to be!


Mozambique is known for its exquisite sandy beaches which are among the most beautiful in the world. These beaches are a big part of what makes a Mozambique holiday so memorable, with the different areas of Mozambique each being characterized with their own unique beaches and islands. Mozambique’s unspoiled beaches make it the ideal secluded beach holiday destination.

Snorkeling and scuba diving:

Snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts flock to Mozambique for its waters which make for a supreme underwater diving and snorkeling experience. The turquoise waters of Mozambique boast beautiful corals and fascinating marine life. There are also reefs which are perfect for scuba diving training as they are fairly shallow. There are also deep channels which flow off the coast, making them perfect for game fishing. It is therefore no surprise that Mozambique is such a popular scuba diving, snorkeling and game fishing holiday destination.

History and Attractions:

Mozambique boasts an array of attractions and fine architecture, and it also has a long and fascinating history. Muputo (the country’s capital) is situated along the coast and has a Mediterranean influence with many interesting stalls. In The Praca de Independencia, you can enjoy sights such as the Cathedral, City Hall, the Botanical Gardens and the Iron House. By visiting these attractions, you can learn a lot about Mozambique’s rich history and culture. The National Art Museum is also worth visiting, with a great collection of sculptures and paintings from some of Mozambique’s top artists.


There are many Mozambique holiday packages available which allow families, couples, friends or individuals to enjoy a Mozambique holiday at a very affordable cost. At Mozambique Tourism, we offer some of the best holiday deals including holiday packages which include accommodation, flights and more!


Mozambique is also famous for its marimba bands and traditional music which has been compared to Reggae music. With a city so diverse and full of culture, the music is just one more reason to visit Mozambique.

Overall, Mozambique holidays are definitely the best kind, with sites to see, outdoor activities, breathtaking views, and not to mention, delicious food!

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