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Guludo Beach Lodge

Guludo Beach Lodge is situated on a 12km white, palm-fringed beach .The lodge stimulates the local economy and develops skills while the charity tackles the root causes of poverty and environmental devastation, which are funded by donations from the lodge, its guests and our charity partners.

Accommodation at Guludo Beach Lodge

  • The beautiful adobe bandas have been hand-built by a local workforce and design by award-winning architects Cullum & Nightingale; combining the best of traditional techniques with clever design features and eco-technology to provide the ultimate in barefoot luxury. Each banda is just footsteps from the beach. The large double doors and window create a natural fusion of the in and outdoor spaces and a feeling of openness. Behind the bedroom is a large open air bathroom with twin sinks and mirrors, ingeniously carved out of the banda wall. A huge shower completes a zen like space from where you can relax, unwind and shower under the canopy of bright stars. Positioned to the side of the private bathroom and up a small staircase is one the best views in the lodge… the view from the loo! Stable door style shutters allow you to decide on just how proud you want to whilst enjoying the view!
  • The Banda Suites consist of two joining Adobe Bandas; one a bedroom and the other a lounge. The buildings are linked by a covered pathway forming a courtyard between them. Similar to the Adobe banda,  it has all the same great design features yet more than the double the space. A spacious lounge with a mezzanine “snug” is across a covered walk-way from a beautiful bedroom with views over the beach. Between the two buildings lies a courtyard behind which is a large bathroom with one of our famous “loo with a view.” These Suites are so spacious, the lounge can be converted to accommodate up to six children!


Activities at Guludo Beach Lodge

…whether that’s on a dive drifting over the magnificent reef, watching a humpback whale teach its calf how to fin slap, walking through the village, or playing a game of traditional bau. Whatever the activity you’ll be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed when you finally decide on that much needed hammock time.

  • Scuba Diving
  • PADI Dive Courses
  • Rolas Island
  • Ibo Island
  • Bush Lookout
  • Village Trip
  • Sunset sail
  • Whale Watching
  • Family Activities
  • Beach Archery
  • Village Football


Whatever the activity you’ll be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed when you finally decide on that much needed hammock time.